Canoes 2 people


Canoe from the ancient wooden boats , the CANADIA offers particularly comfortable seating for an ideal location. Two children take place on the center bench safely , since it is the only unsinkable in its category.

Accommodating up to 4 people and their equipment , it is the ideal companion for family days.




This robust and stable boat can be used sitting or kneeling . Inside you feel immediately comfortable and its design makes it very fast friendly.

Essential for beginners to canoeing !

It is also recommended for professional use .


The iconic two-seater canoe " DAG ". Established in 1992, this is the first canoe to offer 1 slot for holding waterproof containers with straps in back. The toe box at the front of the craft is also an innovation.

The hull is without self-draining wells, avoiding hard spots and wear. Its use is recommended on rivers called " brittle ". It is gironné, which makes it very handy canoe. Because of its height , there is little water entering the canoe.


Kayaks 1 person

Taiki Pro

The cockpit is designed to resist and provide maximum comfort.
Its strengths are its central beam rigidity , and its rigid protective shell design. The wells are located in the tunnels of the hull , preventing any hard spots .

It is equipped with a wear-resistant keel . Stable for up weight ,
it does not lose its sailing qualities .

This kayak is stackable up to 5 rooms per season. In winter time ,
it is highly advisable to store it by 3 .


Featuring a flat bottom hull étravée , Tango is designed for navigation in river, lake and calm sea. It has a large load capacity and is provided with a large storage compartment . It is really suitable for large templates.

This kayak is accessible to all , from beginners to experienced paddler .

Tango combines speed , stability and security , it is a real hiker.